Bookstart 20

Happy birthday Bookstart!As parents, we’re probably familiar with Booktrust, the charity responsible for the Bookstart initiative, giving away free books to pre-schoolers, with the aim of encouraging parents to read with their children. It’s often an exciting day for pre-schoolers when they come home from nursery with their Bookstart activity pack, full of books to read & activities to do.

To celebrate 20 years of Bookstart, Bookstrust are inviting people to sign up to a simple pledge: to share 20 books in 2012. How you do this is entirely up to you  and Booktrust offers a few suggestions on their website

  • reading picture books with your own children or other members of your family at bedtime or at anytime!
  • reading to a group of children in a school or a library
  • joining a reading group
  • recommending books to your friends
  • posting a book review on a website.
Bookstart has currently received over 2500 pledges and is a quarter of the way to reaching its target of 10,000 pledges.  People are encouraged to pledge both in order to share the simple joy of reading with children and also to support the work of Bookstart and ensure its future for generations of book-loving children to come.
Among the 2500 people to sign up so far are many famous names from the world of children’s writing, including Michael Rosen, Nick Sharratt and Philip Pullman.
Making your pledge is easy, simply follow this link to the Booktrust website and enter your details….
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