Daniel Ingram-Brown visits primary school residential in the Yorkshire Dales

Inviting a children’s author to visit your school can be a fantastic way to inspire and enthuse your pupils about reading. Recently, a primary school near York went a step further and actually invited author and playwright, Daniel Ingram-Brown, to join them on a school residential in the Yorkshire Dales.

Year 5 and 6 pupils spent several days at a bunk barn in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales. Whilst enjoying some outdoor activities, they also spent a day working with Daniel to create and share their own adventure stories.

Daniel arrived to enjoy lunch with children before running his ‘Fantasy Plots and Fantastic Plays’ workshop. This initial forty-five minute session introduced the characters from Daniel’s books and the themes which the children would be exploring throughout the day. The furniture was then pushed back to create a large floor space in which Daniel ran a ‘Create Your Own Adventure Story’ workshop. Using scrap materials, the children created a story island, developing characters and envisaging imaginative scenarios for their setting. The session was interspersed with Daniel reading short extracts from his books. Having seen the adventure story come to life on the story island, Daniel encouraged the children to visualise their own ideas and worked with them as they wrote their own adventure stories. Throughout the day the children shared their ideas, both in pairs and with the whole group.


After the evening meal, the session resumed with the children continuing to work on their own stories and the activity only came to an end as bedtime loomed.
Daniel felt that the resounding success of the event was greatly enhanced by the enthusiasm of the the school staff and pupils, who embraced the visit with gusto.

Daniel commented that “We had such a fun day. The children were still writing their stories well into the evening, which showed how engaged they’d been throughout the day. The beautiful surroundings stirred their imaginations, creating a special environment for writing and storytelling, a positive experience which I hope will live with them into the future. Just before bed, I read a section of ‘The Nemesis Charm’, while the children drank hot chocolate. Afterwards, they asked questions about being an author and what it’s like to write books. I hope the experience will have encouraged them in their writing and will inspire their future progress.”
Daniel has visited a number of primary and secondary schools across the country. As well as running a number of workshops, he is always happy to tailor an event to suit the individual needs of a school.

For more information about Daniel’s school visits, please email Clare Burkhill-Howarth of Book Events for Schools (info@bookeventsforschools.co.uk) or visit www.bookeventsforschools.co.uk

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