International Book Giving Day

ibdgposter2014If you’re not feeling the love for all the chocolates and goodies that surround us in the run up to Valentine’s Day, why not ditch the forced romance of the day and celebrate International Book Giving Day instead on February 14th? The idea behind the grass-roots initiative is to “get books into the hands of as many children as possible”. The organisers invite you to “share the love of books & the generosity of giving … all on a day synonymous with love.”

In practical terms, there are three ways to be part of International Book Giving Day: 1. Give a book to a child you know on February 14th. 2. Donate a book. You could donate a book to a school library, a nonprofit organisation, a charity, children’s hospital, playgroup etc. 3. Leave a book somewhere. The organisers suggest buying a good quality book and leaving it in a place where children have to wait, like a waiting room at a dentists or doctors.

International Book Giving Day was first created by Amy Broadmoore, founder of the American children’s book website, Delightful Children’s Books, in 2012. The idea was sparked by her son’s enthusiasm for “a holiday when people gave books to each other”. Since then, authors and illustrators who have supported the initiative include Clara Vulliamy, Ed Vere, Chris Haughton, Sindiwe Magona, Ed Emberley, Dianne Wolfer, Kathryn Apel, Peter H. Reynolds, Sandy Fussell, Priya Kuriyan, Janeen Brian, Barney Saltzberg, and Claire Wildish.

The joy of International Book Giving Day lies in its simplicity. You don’t need to organise a big event, you just need to give a book.

Emma Perry of My Book Corner is supporting the initiative in the UK this year. If you are taking part in the initiative, you’re encouraged to share details at  More information about the initiative can also be found on the site.

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