National Non-Fiction Day (Thursday 7th November 2013)

National Non-Fiction Day

This Thursday (7th November) is National Non-Fiction Day when works of non-fiction are celebrated. Whilst there are many awards and initiatives encouraging readers and writers of fiction, the world of non-fiction doesn’t seem to enjoy the same recognition.

The day is organised by The Federation of Children’s Book Groups (FCBG) and was established by its former Chair, Adam Lancaster. The event traditionally takes place on the first Thursday in November.

This year the FCBG have teamed up with Christopher Lloyd, the founder of ‘What on Earth? Wallbooks‘. The team behind the wallbooks has recently launched the What on Earth? Wallbook of Science and Engineering, in collaboration with the Science Museum in London and the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. The book explores fourteen of the greatest moments in the history of science and engineering and features prominent figures from Darwin to Edwin Hubble.

As part of the celebrations, the FCBG is asking individuals or school groups to design their own science and engineering historical timeline. For full details of the competition (which closes on Nov 30th 2013 please click here.

We caught up with Christopher Lloyd earlier this year. Click here to read our interview. If you’d like to find out more about the work of the FCBG, read our interview with its current Chair, Julia Miller.


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