Welcome to Book Events for Children: Emma Barnes author event

Welcome to Book Events for Children and this my first blog.

With libraries facing closure, the threat to independent bookshops and the current funding cuts affecting local festivals and arts programmes, these are worrying times.

It’s not all doom and gloom though… across the country there is a huge variety of literary events and attractions aimed at children. Given the variety of events, a common complaint I hear from parents is “why does it sometimes feel so hard to find out what’s going on?”  I’ve experienced this myself; having found a local event for my children featuring a favourite author, only to then realise it took place three days ago! So rather than trawling through individual websites for theatre companies, bookshops, libraries and literary festivals, I hope to compile a comprehensive listing on my website (currently in production) for parents looking to take their young ones to book-related events, as well as including news from the publishing world.

Harrogate Library in North Yorkshire hosted an author event last weekend and I saw at first-hand how this close encounter with a real ‘live’ author can inspire children. Emma Barnes (author of ‘How (Not) To Make Bad Children Good’ and ‘Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher’ amongst others) discussed her childhood love of books with an audience of 7-10year olds. It was fascinating to see how animated the children became when discussing their favourite books: interestingly, several of the youngsters cited Enid Blyton’s Famous Five books as their favourites, with parents nodding in agreement. Proof that the old classics can hold their own. Emma captured the interest of the children and several announced that they wanted to be writers too.

Meeting an author whose book you’ve loved reading can really inspire children and instil a love of reading that will last through childhood and beyond.


For more information about Emma Barnes please go to http://www.emmabarnes.info/

To provide information about an upcoming book-related event for children please email info@bookevents forchildren.co.uk

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