Caroline Green discusses ‘Hold Your Breath’

Hold Your Breath is the third book by author Caroline Green and will be published in June 2013. The author of Dark Ride and Cracks gave us a sneak preview of what we can look forward to in the new book.

Caroline, we’ve just watched the trailer for Hold your Breath on your website and it looks fantastic. Could you give us a sneaky preview about what we can expect when the book hits the shelves this summer?
Hold Your Breath is about a 15-year old girl called Tara who has a weird ability to know where lost items are. So if you’ve lost your keys or your mobile phone, Tara’s your girl. But when it’s people who are lost or missing, things can get a whole lot more complicated. Before the action in this book takes place, she tried to help in the hunt for a missing child and it all ended badly. Tara feels very guilty and now, living in a  new town , she’s trying to forget about her so called ‘gift’. When a  mean girl in her class called Melodie Stone leaves very suddenly, everyone is told that she has gone to live with her estranged father. But Tara accidentally finds a lost earring of Melodie’s  and gets a scary premonition that something very bad has happened to Melodie.  She has to decide whether to help, or leave well alone…

Has the idea for the book been a slow burner or did you have a moment of inspiration?
Slow burner, definitely. I played around with several different storylines before I got excited about this one and realised it was the one I should pursue.

Your last book, Cracks, enjoyed a great deal of success and has been shortlisted for at least seven local authority book awards.  In your opinion, what is it about the book which has led to this popularity? (Other than it being very well written, obviously!)
Thank you for the kind words! I was absolutely thrilled that people seemed to like Cracks. I don’t know why this would be, but I did try to write about themes that affect all of us during that period of our lives. Questions about identity and how far you would go for people you care about, these can feel particularly powerful during teenage years.

Is it true that you are working on a sequel to Cracks? Do you have a title yet and do you have any idea when the follow-up will be published?
I am working on the sequel right now! (Literally…I took a break from it to answer these questions, in fact). It’s going to be called Fragments and will be published next year. I’m very excited about it and hope people will enjoy it as much as Cracks.

To what extent are your characters based upon people you know or have met? Do you tend to create characters from your own imagination or is there a fragment of a real person at the heart of your principal characters?
I’ve been asked this before and I have to say, I honestly never write about people I know in my books. And it’s not because I’m scared they will recognise themselves (although, maybe I would be!) It’s because making characters up is so much more fun than borrowing from real life.  Maybe there are elements of people I’ve met in the characters I’ve created. But it certainly isn’t something I do in any conscious way.

Caroline will be appearing at Hay Festival on Monday 27th May. For more information, please click here.

To view the Hold Your Breath trailer and find out more about Caroline’s other books, click here to visit Caroline’s website. 

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