Kate Pankhurst at Leeds Central Library review

Kate Pankhurst at Leeds Central Library

A child in full detective outfit – complete with fake moustache, raincoat and magnifying glass – can only mean one thing…Mariella Mystery’s investigative skills must be in demand again.  There were strange goings on in Leeds Central Library on Saturday afternoon as author/illustrator Kate Pankhurst took us into the world of Mariella and her latest exploits in Mariella Mystery Investigates The Curse of the Pampered Poodle.

Kate introduced us to the unexplained events at Puddleford Museum through a short reading from the latest book in the Mariella Mystery series. Having gleaned the facts of the case, we imitated Kate’s artwork in a draw-along, recreating Mariella in full detective guise.

The young detectives then set off exploring the children’s library armed with magnifying glasses and clipboards. Their challenge? To track down objects which could have been displayed in Puddleford Museum and draw their favourite exhibits. Using their own creative talents, the mystery-solvers then set to work to create their own ‘totally mysterious object’ to join Lady Winkleton’s exhibition.

With fantastic props to stimulate the children’s imagination, it was never going to take long for someone to hitch a ride on ‘the ghostly guinea pig’. We had a rummage in Mariella’s mystery kit bag to see what equipment a mystery-solver might need and with much excitement, we watched as Kate unveiled ‘The Pampered Poodle’ , the star of the show.




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